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About Us


Our instructors have practical industry experience in the private and public sector within the courses that they teach. The president of our company is also a highly certified instructor and consultant who has over 25 years leadership experience and strong subject matter expertise in information technology and software development.

Our commitment to our students is evidenced in the testimonials that they have provided for our excellent instructors in the subject areas that we teach which include but are not limited to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. 

“D0c’s  teaching techniques were exceptional …. What set his instruction apart was his ability to emphasize the key concepts by creating diagrams that showcased dependencies, inputs, and outputs. This visual representation enhanced our understanding of complex topics and facilitated better retention. He went beyond simply conveying the CISM concepts and delved into teaching us how to think like an information security manager. His in-depth review of case studies provided invaluable insights into real-world scenarios, allowing us to apply our knowledge in practical situations. I was also able to pass the ISACA CISM exam on the first try because of his instruction.”


| Manager, Federal Agency

“I attended one of D0c’s … CISSP boot camps. His instruction was excellent and his engagement with the class was useful and comfortable. I just passed my CISSP examination and D0c’s class was an essential piece. I highly recommend James Muren for technology instruction.”


| SOC Manager, University client

“I recently took a class on the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) exam and had the pleasure of being taught by D0c. From the first day of class, it was clear that D0c was an expert in the field and had a deep understanding of the material covered on the CISM exam.

Their teaching style was highly engaging and interactive, making the often-dry material interesting and easy to understand. He was always willing to answer questions and provide additional examples to help ensure that everyone had a clear understanding of the concepts. D0c provided a wealth of resources, such as practice questions, that were incredibly helpful in preparing for the exam. D0c also held regular review sessions and provided personal feedback on our progress. With D0c’s guidance, I felt well-prepared and confident going into the exam. I highly recommend D0c for anyone looking to take the CISM exam. D0c’s knowledge and expertise, coupled with the dedication to student success, makes them an outstanding instructor.”


| Officer, Department of State

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