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“The qualities and capabilities of D0c as an instructor for the CISM exam preparation”

I recently took a CISM exam prep class with D0c, and I couldn’t be happier. D0c’s expertise, engaging teaching style, and wealth of resources made the material easy to grasp. They provide personal feedback and ensure you’re well-prepared. Highly recommend!

Curriculum & Content Development

We also excel at developing content for the largest companies in the world.  We are recognized as experts within our specializations and we aim to deliver advanced technological educational content and tools to clients in the private and public sector.

“D0c  applies a rich background of knowledge with incisiveness and a high level of skill that consistently places him ahead of the curve. His innate ability to navigate complex situations is only one aspect that makes him a successful leader and senior curriculum engineer. 

D0c  has helped create and strengthen processes that have been instrumental to the success of his team, and his insight—both for his group and cross-functional teams—has paved the way for significant improvements on many levels that have impacted a large number of people and a high volume of content. 

I appreciate D0c ’s honesty, leadership abilities, and the many positive qualities he brings to the table. Rarely have I had the pleasure of working with someone so knowledgeable and dedicated to the field who is also honest and hardworking. As someone who is committed to learning, improving, and growing, D0c  raises the bar for everyone he works with.”


| Content Director, Media Company

“Discover our organization’s wide-ranging training solutions, tailored to empower individuals and organizations across diverse domains.”


It is not unusual given the tremendous industry leadership and experience of our  instructors that they also perform consulting for our students to help their organizations align businesses and information technology and security programs to deliver value.

Our instructors have worked with the largest system integrators and value added resellers in the industry. Our students see us as experts in our field,  and they are able to take what we teach in the classroom to their organization and provide tremendous value. Our instructors have worked on some of the largest M&A technology and alignment projects, and we are happy to help.

“Having worked multiple complex data center relocations and data migrations it was a pure delight to have D0c leading the way. His technical expertise, vision and uncompromised ethic paved the way to a hugely successful project for a very challenging project, D0c delivers thorough solutions and implements. If improving your business is your objective, then D0c should be your first call. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with D0c again!”


| Consulting Client, Fortune 100 Company

Career Coaching

We are not just a technology or course delivery company. We are trying to develop human beings into the best that they can be because we believe every student that goes through our class is part of the larger community that makes up the wealth of nations.

Our company also has the unique ability to provide career coaching for those who are looking for  guidance on taking the next step in their careers.  Whether you are first starting off in your career or you’re looking to try and advance into the next role. 

“I retained D0c for career coaching services. He provided excellent career coaching and guidance. I will retain his services again, next time I look for a job change. D0c endeavors to make a better world, one person at a time. The world is a better place with D0c in it, and he certainly made my world a better place.”


| Career Coaching Client, Fortune 100 Company

“Mr. “D0c” was extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond in a task that I needed help with. D0c provided invaluable insights, feedback, and did not hesitate to help. I truly believe that his actions, patience, and knowledge have helped me and will forever make a lasting positive impact.”


| Career Coaching Client, Insurance Industry

“I was introduced to D0c by a colleague after reaching out looking for advice for a passionate and driven student who is looking to gain a deeper understanding and ultimately a position in aviation cybersecurity. D0c was not only receptive, but he also sent me a detailed introduction highlighting his experience related to this desired field, and graciously offered his time to assist with the furtherance of knowledge in the exploration of this career field. Inspiring and committed to helping others succeed D0c has provided invaluable insights creating clarity in this student’s vision. D0c is an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him in the future.”


| National Career Coach